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? ?Clifford School (International and Manitoba Program) within Clifford Estates, Panyu, Guangdong, has a population of approximately 600 students with a staff of over 50 western teachers and 10 Chinese teachers.

? ?The Manitoba curriculum is implemented from grade 1 to grade 12.? Clifford School also offers an Advanced Placement (AP) program for interested students.? The school is audited annually by Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning.? This includes curriculum reviews and ensuring mandated guidelines outlined by the province.




? ?The province of Manitoba provides Canadian curriculum to the International and Sino-Canadian dual diploma program at Clifford School.? Students in grades 9-12 are required to complete 30 credits prior to graduation.? The time allocated for classroom Instruction for all courses meets the requirements of Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning.

? ?Clifford School follows Manitoba guidelines requiring teachers granting credit to possess a valid Canadian Teaching Certificate or Manitoba approved equivalent.? This expectation ensures that teachers have the required training, experience, and background for the delivery of subject material to the students.? The school offers a full range of academic courses for university entrance.? The elective programs include:? Visual Art, Drama, Choral Music, Band, and Computer Science.? Mandarin Chinese is also taught as a second language from grades 1-11, and is an elective course in grade 12.? AP courses are offered in Psychology, Economics, Calculus, Statistics, and more.? By participating in AP, students have the opportunity to earn both a high school and university credit and enhance their university applications. ?

? ?The graduates from our International and Manitoba programs are presently attending or have attended universities throughout the world.? Many of our students have been and continue to be scholarship winners.




? ?Our school has recently installed a brand new outdoor field with stadium seating, a fully underground parking facility, and state-of-the-art gymnasium.? Each classroom features a smart screen for increased integration of technology in the classroom.? We have two libraries on campus to develop students’ research skills.? The budget for the library has been substantially increased to allow for the purchase of books and other resources to meet Manitoba requirements.?




? ?In addition to a complete academic program, students enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities that will help shape and develop character and interpersonal skills.? Student councils provide opportunities for student leadership and for students to communicate with staff and administration.? Other student leadership opportunities available for students include Model United Nations and volunteer opportunities organized by the school. ?

? ?The school yearbook is also an option for students to undertake leadership opportunities and gain technology skills and experience.? The yearbook is produced by staff and student volunteers and is generally a highlight of the school year.

? ?The students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports in the Guangzhou International School Athletic Conference (GISAC) and the Pearl River Conference (PRC).? To date we have enjoyed considerable success at the elementary, middle and high school levels.? The students can participate in basketball, soccer, tennis, badminton, swimming, cross-country, table-tennis, and track.


Awards and Scholarships


? ?Graduating students receive a high school diploma that is issued by the province of Manitoba.? The Manitoba high school diploma is recognized worldwide as an entrance requirement to colleges and universities. Students graduating from our program eligible for scholarships and awards. Clifford School offers awards to students of outstanding merit in academics, leadership and athletics. ?

? ?CIS has consistently finished in the top of the PRC and GISAC Leagues, which are comprised of the top International Schools in South China.? Within these leagues we play Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball at the Middle School and High School levels, as well as Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming and Cross Country.

? ?Notably, our Middle School Soccer has won the PRC Championship this season (2019) and finished in the top 3 of Middle School Soccer, High School Basketball and Volleyball and both High School and Middle School Badminton over the last 3 years.? As well, our swim team has had a strong showing over the same period of time, winning dozens of medals every season.

? ?The caliber of sports and athletics has improved over the past 5 years, to a point where most of our school’s teams are very competitive within both leagues, often finishing the seasons with a trophy for a top 3 finish or Sportsmanship.


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School Year?2020-2021

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